Sara Forte was born in Verbania, Italy.

A self-taught artist who since an early age has been dedicated to painting. Sara experimented with many art forms including graphite drawings, oil pastels, sanguine, drypoint, mezzotint and etching. She went onto master oil and acrylic art forms. What was originally a passion has become her career. All her artworks derive from her personal experience and research. The key elements in her work are the balance between shapes and colors, pictorial tradition and innovation. The original instinctive brushstroke has become a vehicle to impart a universal message. The style of her artwork has evolved into an abstract and symbolic “new wave”, that reflects the artist’s sensitivity. Sara Forte refers to the scroll images depicted in her paintings as “Papyrus”. She uses them as a metaphor of the constant “in fieri”, the ceaseless evolution, of mankind.

She has worked together with goldsmiths to create unique pieces of jewellery. She has also designed her own prints for clothing and accessories. For a number of years she has been using the most famous of the Murano’s furnaces to create her unique glass sculptures that originate from her “Papyrus” images depicted in her paintings. The glass sculptures acquire an allegorical value, with references to the works of the best known writers of the 20th Century. Silicon discs have replaced canvas for her most recent artwork. The Silicon disc is used as a conceptual element to represent the evolution of communication. Silicon, the material used today to produce tablets, smartphones and computers, will be the object of future archeology. In her artwork it represents the synthesis of the complexity of the postmodern living. This versatile experimental artist is currently exhibiting her works in Italy and abroad. Sara Forte has exhibited in Italy, Austria and France.

She lives and works in Milan.



Fragile, curated by Angelo Crespi, Pirelli Bulding, Regione Lombardia – Milan. (Cat)

Investire nelle passioni, Investing in passions, a union between art and finance sponsored by Fineco Bank

Qatar 2022, Fuori Salone Arredaesse, Carugo (CO)

Achille, curated by Francesca Interlenghi, Hangar 21 Via Tortona Milano Design Week


Sara Forte The Light Experience,  Il Pomo da DaMo – Imola

Kaleidoscope, curated by Chiara Gatti, Rocca Malatestiana Fano. (PU)


Mutazioni, presented by Jean Blancheart, Fondazione Berengo, Murano. (Cat.)

Silex, Rocca Malatestiana Fano. (PU)


Silex, Astrazioni geometriche nell’era del Silicio, Museo del Duomo, Vigevano.Silex, curated by Ivan Quaroni, Studio Guastalla, Milano. (Cat.)


The dreams citiesThe Venice Glass Week, Glass School Abate Zanetti, Murano.


Silicon Shapes, LM Gallery, Latina.

Sara Forte, Casa dei Carraresi Museum Treviso.

Sara Forte & Ali Hassoun, Virgilio Guidi Gallery, S. Donato Milanese.


Sara Forte, Stelline Foundation, Milano. (Cat.)

Silicio e Forma, Seno Gallery Milano. (Cat.)


Equilibri della Materia, Di Paolo Arte Gallery, Bologna. (Cat.)


Equilibri della Materia, Mediceo Castle, Melegnano.


Nuoveastrazioni, a curated by Susanne Capolongo, Villa Baragiola, Varese. (Cat.) 

I dieci mondi, Spazio Tadini, Milano.

I dieci mondi, Sala degli specchi, Alexander Palace, Pesaro.


Materia ed Emozioni, Artinvest Gallery, Torino.

Espressioni dell’essere, Scalone Vanvitelliano, Pesaro.


Strati del visibile, Centrale Ristotheatre, Roma.

Interferenze cromatiche, ex Chiesa S. Michele, Fano. (Cat.)

Interferenze cromatiche, galleria del Comune Cascina Roma, S.Donato Milanese. (Cat.)


Forma e colore, Spazio espositivo Piazza Martiri della Liberazione, Vigevano. (Cat.)

Forma e colore, Palazzo del Collegio Raffaello, Urbino. (Cat.)


Sogni, curated by di Monna Lisa Salvati, Cava dei Tirreni, Salerno.

Sara Forte & Daniela Nasoni. Fiabe al convento, curated by Massimo Giovannelli, ex Convento di Santa Croce, S. Anatolia di Narco – Perugia.


Dame di nulla, curated by Barbara Pavan and Eliana Frontini, Spazio S. Rocco, Orta S. Giulio.


Sara Forte, Oriental Gallery, Colleferro – Roma.



Materia Eterea, Bevilacqua La Masa Foundation, Venezia. (Cat.)

Art Verona, Verona, Contini Contemporary Londra.


Art Verona, Verona, Dellupi Art Gallery, Milano.  


Bologna Artefiera, Bologna, Di Paolo Art Gallery, Bologna.


Permanent collection, SPAC – Spazio Nobili, Montelabbate – Pesaro Urbino.


Arte Piacenza, Piacenza, Artinvest Gallery, Rivoli (To).

SSS – Small Size Show, Overlook Gallery, Quarrata – Pistoia.

Arte Cremona, Cremona, M&D Art Gallery, Gorgonzola.


LIV Biennale di Venezia, Italian Pavilion – Torino, Sala Nervi, Palazzo delle Esposizioni, Torino. (Cat.)

Arts and Cultures Award for Exhibition 2011, Circolo della Stampa, Milano.


Artedonnacurated by Simone Fappanni, S. Zeno Naviglio – Brescia. (Cat.) 


Le stanze delle fiabe, Marcotulli Palace, Rieti. (Cat.)

International Competition Ex Libris Arti Grafiche Colombo. (Cat.)

Laudato Sie, ex Convento di Santa Croce, S. Anatolia di Narco – Perugia.

Laudato Siecurated by Massimo Giovannelli, Torre Comunale, Vitorchiano – Viterbo. (Cat.)

One Planetcurated by Simone Fappanni e Barbara Pavan, Palazzo Marcotulli, Rieti. (Cat.)

Espace Art, Nice (France), Studio7 IT- Spazio Arte, Rieti. (Cat.)


L’età dell’oro, La Riseria Gallery, Novara.

Area O, ex Convento di Santa Croce, S. Anatolia di Narco – Perugia.

Area Ocurated by Simone Fappanni and Barbara Pavan, Palazzo Marcotulli, Rieti. 

Area Ocurated by Monna Lisa Salvati, Centro Didattico, Somma Vesuviana – Napoli.

Volo a telacurated by, Marcotulli Palace, Rieti.

Made in Italy II,curated by Gerald Klebacz, Galerie Am Roten Hof, Vienna (Austria).

National Day of Contemporary Art Salone Arengo del Broletto, Novara. (Cat.)

Ninecurated by Simone Fappanni and Barbara Pavan, ex Convento di Santa Croce, S. Anatolia di Narco – Perugia.

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